The importance of having a back up power supply.

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    Every reefer’s nightmare.
    You can combat this scourge and keep your livestock alive for a few days.
    Depending on your budget, there are three easy options

    Option 1:
    Buy a small battery operated air pump to add a disturbance to your water surface, as O2/CO2 is exchanged in this manner. This method works well on smaller tanks with no sumps.

    Option 2:
    If you have a larger tank you will need at least a 0.5kva generator to power one decent size air pump that you can place in your sump and main tank, or if you have the budget a larger 1-2kva generator that will power you return pump and one flow pump.

    Option 3:
    The best but most expensive option is a UPS, you will need at least a 1000mva UPS to run a decent size tank, you will also need a deep cycle battery, these are expensive.
    All good UPS will have a Rectifier, this converts AC power to DC power, and is coupled to your charger, and an Inverter, this coverts DC power to AC power to allow your AC equipment to work.

    A few tips;
    Never run your heaters off your UPS or generator (unless you have a large number of batteries or a very large generator).
    Never run your lighting, corals can go without light for many days.

    Here is a little diagram explaining an online UPS system:

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