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    Here’s a scenario I hear about frequently:

    A saltwater tank hobbyists buys a fish from either a local fish store or an online retailer. Within hours of placing the fish in the tank (hopefully a quarantine tank!), the fish is dead.

    The next thing that happens? Onto the forum goes the hobbyist to rant about how the retailer or store is horrible as any fish you get from them will certainly die.

    Is the store or retailer really to blame though?

    The truth is there are lots of things that can go into causing a fish to die. The fish could have been caught with cyanide which means near certain death despite your best care. The shipper could have thrown the box around during transport, causing shock to the fish. Perhaps you acclimated the fish wrong.

    The list goes on and on.

    Certainly if any fish you get from a local fish store or online retailer dies quickly, then you should be suspicious. Let the retailer or store know what is going on before you go bad mouth them on a forum. If the retailer or store doesn’t care that the fish die, then I don’t shop there again. If the retailer or store works with you to try to trouble shoot the problem, that’s a sign that they actually gives a flying flip. Perhaps the problem is on the store or retailer’s end and once they get the feedback from you, they start making an effort to fix the problem.

    The flip side of the “who is to blame” conversation is you. Did you acclimate the fish properly? Did you pick a strong specimen at the store? Is your quarantine tank set up properly such that the fish has a safe place to transition into.

    Before you go pointing the finger, use the dying fish flow chart and then get very curious as to the cause of death.

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    Thankfully this will never happen to our customers, as we offer our 4 week QT period, and should the (pre booked) fish die in our care, your deposit back.
    We don't sell fish to the hobbiest that have just landed. We care for them on initial arrival in QT, and only after deemed healthy do we bag them for your aquarium.
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    There is no such thing as never when dealing with livestock

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