The Conch Aqua Wave-maker Review

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    The Conch Aqua Wave-maker Review

    So, as you may have noticed I like getting my hands-on new marine equipment and toys, I like to test them and put them through their paces to check if they are worth the cash dropped on them!

    Today I will be reviewing a newly imported pump from conch aqua, I am fortunate enough to have been able to get both the Slim-7 and Slim-8 to check out.


    To give you some idea of my pump owner history I have owned and tried the following pumps:

    · Tunze
    · Vortech
    · Jebal RW/SW/OW range
    · Maxpect Glamorca Gyre/ Jebao Crossflow

    All these pumps have a place in the market, but some being more expensive than others drive us to seek cheaper yet reliable alternatives.

    Which is why I found the Conch Slim 7 & 8 interesting prospects

    Initial impressions after receiving the pumps and opening:

    1) Very Nice packaging
    2) The controller is not your average cheapy, its quality with and LCD backlit display somewhat more advanced than the Tunze but not quite as fancy as the Maxpect which I would rate is a bit better or on par.
    3) The pumps are made of a quality mat finish plastic similar to a Tunze and Vortech Finish and do not look cheap-ish.
    4) Discrete magnets for mounting but I doubt the magnets will stick to glass thicker than 12mm, I have not tried.
    5) The slim 7 sports a small directional inner portion to the magnet which the Slim 8 does not. Bit bummed about this, but I’m assuming the pump diameter has something to do with this as it may conflict with the glass using this part.


    The thickness of the exterior magnet is low profile and I've tested it for up to 12mm glass successfully!

    Included in the box is:

    · Controller
    · Instruction manual
    · Pump
    · Power supply
    · 3m adhesion pad for controller mount
    · Magnet to attach pump to glass
    · Slight directional inner (only with Slim 7)

    The pumps in general move ALOT of water! But their flow dissipates after about 800mm – 1m (setting dependant)

    Not entirely a bad thing, I believe flow is of utmost importance within a marine system but too much DIRECT or FORCEFUL flow causes corals to close (e.g.: frogspawns and hammers) which detracts from their full display potential.

    Ratings on the pumps flow and electrical consumption is as follows:

    Slim 7
    41L x 72.6w x 72.6w mm
    500lph – 10000lph
    Comes with own controller

    Slim 8
    44L x 82w x 82w mm
    500 – 15000lph
    Comes with own controller

    Size compasrision of Slim 7 (top) vs Slim 8 (bottom)

    Controller functions are pretty extensive and possess the following features:
    The pump features wireless Communication with other conch pumps similar to that of Vortech and Jebao.

    Motor speed setting 30% (minimum) ~100% (maximum)
    Master slave setting

    Long run

    Pre-set sequences


    The day night sensor steps the pump down in strength (If option selected) to allow for calmer flow at night. A nice feature to have which I think is pretty much standard amongst most propper wavemakers these days.

    The Construction
    Ok so this pump looks very Vortech like but without something I HATED on Vortech, the alignment of two separate parts!! This in my mind has never sat well with me as its bound to contribute to wear on the pumps. The conch pump has the motor on the wet-side of the pump and it is tiny! The two main attractions to this pump are powerful flow and compact slim design!

    Slim 8 compared to Tunze 6105 in the background

    Slim 8 pictured in my hand

    Operating noise
    The pumps are not completely silent in all honesty but have a far less noticeable noise on the lower settings, they are damn near silent though and under the same conditions of my system I would usually have heard the Vortech or the Jebao’s switching flow pattern, in comparition to my Tunze’s they are on par noise wize on constant flow which you do get accustomed to!

    Draw backs
    Quite honestly I don’t see any, other than the cable being inside of the tank which is PAR for the course for most pumps unless you go Vortech!

    In Closing
    Th conch Aqua slim is a nifty little pump snuggly suited to fit in between Jebao and Vortech and Tunze in the mid price range but upper reaches of the quality scale!

    Price rating
    Design rating
    Flow rating
    • Wider more dispersed flow and a few more pumps would be needed in a bigger tank on par with Vortech.
    I hope this review has given some insight as to these pumps and their application. im personally very happy and im currently running 2 x Slim 8 and 1 x Slim 7 on a 1.8m x 1m x 700mm, 1200lt system

    my intention is to run 4 x Slim 8 on my system i could run 8 i wont even see them as they are soooo discrete!

    Happy reefing!
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