The complete book of the marine aquarium

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6 Aug 2007
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I have an extra copy of the book The complete book of the marine aquarium.

In near perfect condition.

A comprehensive reference guide to more than 700 marine fish and invertebrate species, and how to setup and maintain a living reef aquarium

The main topics:
  • The Living Reef in Nature - provides a background on the natural reef environment and reef areas around the world to help explain what we're trying to accomplish in our home aquariums.
  • Establishing a Marine Aquarium - topics discussed include aquarium sizes and types, heating and cooling, lighting, water preparation, bacterial reactions, filtration, protein skimmers, ozone reactors, uv sterilizers, natural system (Berlin), plenum system (Jaubert), live rock, aquarium substrate choices, water current, water management, feeding your fish, symbiosis and general care.
  • Aquarium Algae - everything you ever wanted to know about brown, green and red marine algae.
  • Choosing Aquarium Fishes - 80 pages of the most popular saltwater fish profiles with nice photos, descriptions and a rating system that gives you a clue as to how difficult the species is to keep in captivity.
  • Invertebrates for the Reef Aquarium - 84 pages of marine invertebrate profiles with photos, descriptions and the rating system.
  • Breeding and Culture of Fishes and Invertebrates - An introduction into breeding saltwater fishes and invertebrates along with the culture of marine rotifers.
The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium is loaded with great pictures and lots of great content. rankings on each type of marine fish. The "difficulty" rankings give a beginner a very quick way to find some good marine fish to start with.

R200.00. excl postage

I'm in Cape Town but can send it anywhere.

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