The Birth of The Waterboys Nano - EVOLUTION / REVOLUTION

6 May 2007
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well as you guys know i sold my 6 ft tank months back, as i went overseas and was contemplating moving.
well the wife and i decided to buy some land overseas and build there and keep our appartment here in the mean guess what...i began missing my tank.
well thanks to an awesome thread on reefcentral where a nano tank was voted tank of the month, i was inspired by the thought of mastering a nano.......
i spent many evenings on, and began researching requirements etc.
i then ordered my nano aquarium from adriaan (idol marine) and began purchasing equipment that i feel was best suitable for this tank.
as you will see i am a big tunze fan and enjoy saving hard to purchase the tunze items i required. i also have reefoctopus equipment which i rate as this countrys top value for money products (besides my r.o.units of course;) )
unfortunatly i could not find a lighting hood suitable for this application (size of the casing ) so i decided to purchase a aquamedic sunlight hood which is great but unfortunatley i was dissapointed with a few lac-luster features and really dissapointed at the T5 globes that came with it.(sylvania) one would think that at least AM globes would be supplied (which makes me wonder if the globes aren't in fact the same.....will look into this and do some PAR tests) the meantime i have purchased geiseman globes.
i have since contacted reefinmates and am in the process of saving for a unit he has designed for me.
for those who wondering what feature i was dissapointed about.....its that the unit comes with a plug for the t5's and one for the halide.......this does not suit my lighting run time as i would typically like the actinic light on first....later the white then later on in the day the halide and reversed at sunset, which cannot be done with this unit.
i have contracted an electrician to do all the wiring neat in a db box with a digital timer and U.P.S system.
im also in the process of ordering a chiller,
and northlands pets will be manufacturing my "Calfo" style pull out Sump and stand from early next week.

the rest of the equipment a basically have purchased and is shown below.
i think im short a heater (which anthony says he may have a spare 300watt jager for me)
and my co2 equipment will arrive in the weak

2 way digital timer with back up battery to be installed in the db box

18 way db box with circuit breakers

close up of circuit breaker

circuit breaker an copper buzz bar to link the breakers together
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the aquamedic sunlight hood.....note the globes


my geiseman's

my calcium reactor (only 70mm diameter....puuurfect for nano)
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media for my calcium reactor and my magnet

tunze return pump (back) (max 3000 lph) i will set it lower off course

front: note suction cups on side too (less vibration)

tunze osmolator precise top up unit

my wave controlable nano stream
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the tank being stored in my sons room, adriaan designed a angled coast to coast for a effective noise reduction oveflow note the return on the other side....really neatly done

he also drilled the back glass (which will be black next week) and installed glands to run the stream cables though so no cable will be visable in the tank, and the second will be a chiller return

carrib sea arragamax substrate media (thanks anthony / liaquit)

larger version of the ozone generator i will be running......i ordered this one for a client (2000mg/h) but it arrived damaged
awaiting new one aswell as a smaller unit for the nano
Some nice equipment there Marco. I am envious.
many thanks to eco-aquatics (andrew) for equipment, advise and layout advise, adriaan (idol marine ) for tank contruction, george (tunze) for the help, northlands (sean, chris) for sump and stand construction, anthony and alan for sound advise, liaquit for carrib sea aragamax, leigh from reefinmates for taking the time to design me my dream lighting hood........saving for it)
and this dude for the incredible advise givin to me in detail to make this nano succesfull (both equipment wise and operations wise)
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I like the clown. Are you gonna run the tank in with the clown?
Looking very nice Marco, got some awesome equipment there.

I'm really keen to see how the moving sump works out.
Oh yes, please detail your ozone setup when you get it going, I would like to follow the procedure you do to get one up and running, many thanks.
will do dean......i may import some red sea aquac units with built in controllers......about $330
nevertheless what ever unit you use as long as its corona will be cool

the pull out sump hopefully will work out nicely, we basically are making the stand rather tall (due to space and chiller requirements) and are taking the front floor bar out the frame and laying it further back giving the wheels for the sump stand enough space to be able to run out......will try get mille to draw it on C.A.D....if you cant visualise it....
Hi Marco

Your tank looks great, please let me know how the ozone generator goes.

Ps- nice lamps

Hi Marco - looking very good... I'm envious.

the aquamedic sunlight hood.....note the globes

One technicality (if I may...) The MH lamp is installed upside down. The "nipple" should be facing upwards, not down. In the down position it will obstruct the light transmission to some extent.

Very nice Marco...buying the best is always the right way to start a system!
What is the size of you nano....unless I missed it somewhere
Actually you owe me, I'm the one that pointed it out :p
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