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8 May 2007
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The Bounce Shroom craze is so powerful right now that it is spawning a whole new generation of reefers to fall in love with mushroom anemones. Last year we broke the internet by announcing that a single Bounce Shroom three inches in diameter had sold for a whopping $6,000.

Well here we are a few months later and we’ve just received these images from Randy Gonzales of an even bigger specimen of the crazy neon orange vesiculated Rhodactis corallimorph. The pictures you see here are completely unmanipulated and they clearly show how huge and engorged with neon orange bubbles a mature Bounce Shroom can develop.

Randy Gonzales seen here walking his pet bounce shroom at his local fish store.

As you can see from the picture below, this Bounce Shroom currently takes the title as the world’s largest OG Bounce Shroom. The huge vesicles are bordering on up to one inch in diameter with so many neon orange bubbles that the polyp which created them is hardly visible underneath.

The frag disc upon which this Bounce Shroom is growing is a solid four inch by four inches across, and the biggest Bounce Shroom in the world takes up nearly the entire area. But the question still remains, how big can these Bounce Shroom Rhodactis become? And how much larger can the individual vesicles get?

Despite the high cost of Bounce Shroom frags, this exciting strain is spreading rapidly throughout the reefing world. At this rate it probably won’t be too much longer until many other reefers grow out their Bounce Shrooms to stupendous sizes and hopefully these in turn will produce plenty of baby bounce shrooms to seed the aquarium hobby.

The huge size of this Rhodactis and its incredibly large bubbles just seem to be getting bigger all the time.

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