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    When we were starting out in the aquarium hobby, there was no such thing as a reef tank, it was all saltwater aquariums. If you saw someone, anyone, caught staring at the one saltwater tank in the LFS then you were instant friends because being an aquarist or aquarium enthusiast as a lifestyle was not even big enough to call a niche – we were obscure underground.

    Fast forward twenty years and the world of reefing that we enjoy now, The Aquarium Life you could call it, is a worldwide global phenomenon that has culminated into a popular subculture all its own. Now we’ve got television shows, aquascaping contests, huge conferences and large regional events, captive breeders, aquaculture, mariculture, and overall, we are collectively bringing the ocean to a whole generation of non-coastal residents.

    As aquarists and aquarium enthusiasts we are giving the rest of the world an invitation for intimate interaction with sea creatures so exotic that we once thought they were impossible to keep alive in an aquarium.*It’s with this idea in mind that we are pleased to share with you a very worthwhile project to help shine a positive spotlight on this. Mr. Thomas Brown has been making some fun, lighthearted videos on the reef and marine aquarium hobby but now he’s ready to turn his attention to something more lasting and profound.

    The Aquarium Life is a new documentary that aims to shed light on the unique movement that itself has revealed so much to so many about the world of life below water. Mr. Brown has personally consulted with many of the industry leading figures, writers, and the principal movers and shakers of our hobby industry to flesh out a really nice broad view of what The Aquarium Life is all about.

    Aside from the obvious culturally beneficial value of what The Aquarium Life is likely to bring forth, a well done film on our unique form of lifestyle and hobby is also likely to be a boon for aquarium businesses. The Kickstarter campaign for The Aquarium Life just started today and we really hope the $20,000 goal is reached so that the next time someone asks us what aquarium living is all about, we can just send them a link to the documentary.

    To back The Aquarium Life crowdfunding campaign and for more details, check out the *Kickstarter*page, and be sure to watch the trailer for an overview from Mr. Brown himself.
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    Really enjoy this guys youtube channel and what he does for the hobby

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