The Aqua Medic Skimmer Clan.

And the new Eco Runners!!!! There is no pump that can touch that thing !!! Quiet and pumps more than what it is rated too! BTW i have a Shorty 5000 that i replaced !!! Just saying!

I cant find how to load pics? do i add them as an attachment?
pics or you speaking rubbish! ;)

Here LEZ you need some more of the skim mate??

looks like a nice little toy...

contemplating ome of them pumps as a return.. love the wattage on them for the flow produced... what impellor does the skimmer pump have?
Im not actually sure have not even looked!! But its an eco runner 3500 on that skimmer! LOL . I have the 6000 but at 1.5 it does about 7000 or maybe even 8 000 and it is like 60 watts! that means skimmer and pump 100w!!!!! What a win!:thumbup:
Afsal The best skimmer i have had BY far!!!!I have a Turbootor 5000 Shorty Compact for sale check the FS section!
Hey guys

Any thoughts on fitting a reef octo diablo dc5500s to a turboflotor twin?
rather use an eco runner i think the newer versions do come with these pumps so will be an easy conversion!:thumbup:
Hey guys. I am running a AM1000TF and lately it's only producing wet skimmate no matter how I set it. I clean the cup twice a day. The tank has been running for a little over 2 years it's around 900l and just want to know is this skimmer too small for this tank or am I right in upgrading to a bigger skimmer?
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Wet skimmate tells me that water level is a bit high within the body of the skimmer...the venturi might be slightly clogged...could you check this?
My opinion is to upgrade the skimmer...not because of the issue you experiencing but because the newer skimmers have their advantages...
Hi Ridwaan.

I clean the pump often. The water level is a bit high but has been that way for awhile. I took the skimmer out of the sump for a day and seemed to still run wet cleaned the cup just as often. This started when I started dosing Nopox.
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