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    The Alternative Reef is at it again with another awesome rock structure to hide pumps from view, the Alternative Reef Powerstation. Unlike its previous more branch like version of the design, the Alternative Reef went with a reef shelf-like structure. Beside hiding the pump a *bit more, this also allowed for frag plugs to be mounted on the shelves. The Powerstation furthermore was dyed pink, for a more natural coralline algae look. For those concerned that the new design might reduce flow rates of the powerhead, The Alternative Reef Powerstation is designed so it spaced 3/8 from the glass. There is also a large gap on the bottom side, allowing for ample pull.

    The-Alternative-Reef-Powerstation-2.jpg The Alternative Reef Powerstation in action, photo by Reef2Reef user Skinz78

    The Powerstation pictured in this post is unfortunately already sold but considering Alternative Reef creates all their one of a kind structures by hand, you can inquire about getting a similar*structure built for you on The Alternative Reef website. This Powerstation with three magnets sold for $160 including shipping but a natural colored white powerstation can be ordered for $145. The Powerstation can be ordered with two magnets instead of three for thinner walled tanks for $110 for the natural white version and $125 for a colored version (not including $10 shipping).

    [via Reef2Reef]
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