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    The AI Prime LED is AquaIllumination’s smallest LED light to date and it is the first new product that has been designed after the merger of AquaIllumination and Ecotech Marine, with contributions from both companies’ engineers and designers. The resulting light of this collaboration has resulted in one of the most beautiful objects of reef keeping equipment, before it’s even put over a tank and turned on.

    The first prototypes of the AI Prime were revealed at MACNA in Denver last fall and once again the Mile High City was chosen as the venue to reveal the Prime LED in its full glory for the ReefStock 2015 conference. AI and EM know that the AI Prime is a piece of art on its own which is why at ReefStock they set up a 20 foot long booth, with nothing but a backdrop, and a three foot tank to feature these six inch square lights.

    [​IMG]As if the overall trade show presentation of the AI Prime LED wasn’t enough, once these lights are turned on it is truly incredible to see how brightly and evenly they illuminate the aquarium. The combined engineering prowess that went into making this light really counts in teh way the cluster of LEDs was arranged and especially the cluster lens which shines so evenly and brightly, you really have to see it to believe it.

    What we do know about it is that it has 13 LEDs, with seven independently controlled LED colors and channels that can run up to 45 watts total. All that power has been engineered to cover a decent 20 x 20 inch footprint with a maximum PAR of 500umols.

    [​IMG]AI Prime engineers realize that all that power and controllability is useless if it isn’t accessible which is where the AI Prime really breaks away from the pack. AI Prime users will be able to connect directly to the light via wifi using their smartphones and they’ll also be able to integrate this potent LED light into myAI using the AI Director and controller.

    The technical specifications are head-turning enough but the real big surprise is that this lighting engine will only cost $199! The light will be available in either white or black and it can be suspended with a $19 hanging kit or it can be mounted with a $29 tank mounting arm. The official launch of the AI Prime is all but imminent and could happen in the next couple of weeks.

    [​IMG]  [​IMG] [​IMG]
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