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    LSS Laboratory, the Japanese company known for it’s exciting products and leaking of new equipment coming from Japan and Asia, recently released pictures of the latest fixture coming from Volx Japan. Called the “Stealth” this Japanese-made LED fixture is absolutely gorgeous, in a galactic space war awesome sort of way. Since the Volx Japan Stealth currently has zero specifications we can but guess about the inner workings, but based on the photographs and previous Volx Japan fixtures we can paint a close to complete picture.


    For starters the fixture appears to be using five different LED chips, and considering Volx Japan’s past with multicolor LED spotlights, we could probably assume a similar arrangement as seen with the LeDio RS073 fixtures. In that case we can expect Philips Rebel diodes in in cyan, blue and royal blue LEDs, peaking at 495, 470 and 450 nanometers, and SemiLED’s* diodes in 420 and 400 nanometer flavors. This is assuming they aren’t changing the LEDs around this time, which of course is very well possible.


    Each LED cluster on the fixture contains 18 LEDs, which comes to 36 LEDs total. That would put the fixture somewhere in the 90 to 95 watt range, so unless the LEDs are run at a very low wattage the heatsinking appears to be quite underwhelming. For all we know however there might be heatsinking between the top and bottom layer, along with a multitude of fans. Unfortunately this cannot be confirmed due to the confusion of the translation. It is certainly one of the bigger mysteries surrounding the Volx Japan Stealth fixture.


    All speculation aside, the Volx Japan Stealth is going to be an absolutely gorgeous fixture, especially since it is still going through minor changes, although this is close to its final form factor. Without the mounting arms, which are removable, and suspended with a hanging kit, the fixture should look like it’s straight from space. The Volx Japan Stealth is perhaps one of the hottest fixtures to have been released this year, and we for one certainly can’t wait for more information. Until then however feel free to drool over the pictures below.

    Volx-Japan-Stealth-2.jpg Volx-Japan-Stealth-5.jpg * Volx-Japan-Stealth-3.jpg

    [via LSS Laboratory]
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