Thanks to Tom and Surgeon, 2 great guys.


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7 May 2007
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I bought a 500L drum some time back with the intention of using it for water changes, however its been standing there for some time empty. Always collecting/making enough water to do a change.

So after being away for 2 weeks, i get a message from Tom saying the wind has blown my drum over and its cracked, mhh ok cracked drum, i dunno how to fix it so be it. I dont go and look.

Later Surgeon arrives at my house, who looked after the tank and the puppy while Angry was away as well.
He knows that telling me the drum is broken wont get me to go and look so he literally walks me to the drum and opens it, these guys while I was away, out of the kindness of their hearts had gone and collected, carried, transported in 20L buckets the 500l water needed to fill the drum.

TOM, SURGEON you are awesome guys and thank you very very much for this kind gesture, I (believe this if you will) am lost for words.
Thsi is truly apreciated.
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Hey! We got strong winds here in PE ;) its a pleasure man. Just hope you wanted that tap there where we put it.
Hey! We got strong winds here in PE ;) its a pleasure man. Just hope you wanted that tap there where we put it.

yah actually i was thinking I want the drum on the other side of the house :rofl:
Good on you boy's.

That's been one of the other rewards of this hobby for me is the comaradery between Reefers, someone always willing to give a helping hand.
nice to have friends like my friends wouldve taken all my water away and told me it evaporated :lol:
Of course they are good guys, they are reefers.....:lol:

The camaraderie between you 3 guys is something awesome.

About moving that drum, have another braai soon. Then get 6 of the stronger looking guys to hold the one side. Put Surgeon on the other. And viola drum moves. Obviously you cannot put the braai tongs down, otherwise the meat will burn.
Only because Tom knows Surgeon respects his elders. And knows even a small PK would render him to a hospital bed for a few days. .... :lol: Nah there is plenty respect between the 3 of them.
HAHa :lol: just seen this now. ..

It’s a Pleasure Kanga! Doesn’t even begin to start repaying all you have done for us!!!
Must be about time for a refill hey?
I also have a drum that needs to be filled. Maybe you guys can do it for me when you are at Imacsa ? This time it is 1000l , Practise makes perfect !
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