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Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by hotdog83, 25 Oct 2008.

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    28 May 2008
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    Cresta, JHB
    Just want to say thank you to Moolis and Pet Stop. I handed in a new faulty Auto Top Up about a month ago, and when I went yesterday to find out progress on the repairs, they replaced it with a brand new one! Just want to say thank you for the good service to Moolis and all the other Pet Stop staff!

    Really wish I had some cash at this stage, there are some freaking nice corals there, softies, LPS and SPS! And some very nice RBTA's as well...
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    15 Dec 2007
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    No problem hotdog:thumbup:

    Will inform all the staff and YES I WISH MY GIANT TANK was up and running so I could take some of the corals home with me. But that day will come and then..... :whistling:

    Always hooked on .........

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