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7 May 2007
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hi guys

can one use this in tap water instead of ro water .... says on the bottle that it makes tap water safe to use in aquariums
I wouldn't use it for a marine system as it wont reduce your TDS like ro does, no problem for fresh water fish.
I think its more a dechlorinator more than anything else.
It only neutralises chlorine and some metal ions in tap water. Still leaves you with any nitrates and so on in the water.
I see this post on more than one forum at the same time. There is a lot of duplication?
Afsal, unless it neutralizes phosphates and nitrates I wouldn't use it.
For those of you who were wondering... :p

Tetra; said:
  • neutralises substances in the tap water that are harmful to fish: elimination of chlorine as well ase highly effective and permanent binding of heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
  • adds essential substances from the fish´s natural habitat that tap water cannot provide: iodine for vitalisation of the fish, magnesium to promote growth and well-being, vitamin B to combat stress
  • gills and mucous membranes are effectively protected by noticiable care colloids
  • the BioExtract formula with natural biopolymers promotes the growth of useful bacteria for healthy and clear water
  • for use when adding tap water, transporting fish and for quarantine treatment
  • improves breeding conditions and promotes plant growth
  • regenerates fish after treatment for disease
  • Ideal combination to TetraAqua AquaSafe is TetraAqua EasyBallance, stabilising the water parameters and reducing the number of water changes required
  • for both freshwater and marine aquaria

Put a teaspoon of this stuff in your tank and hold onto your skimmer. Because it will go ballistic. Will more than likely overflow in minutes.
i have used the tetra aqua safe nh cl formula for many years before the necessity of RO was realised and cant say it worked ... i did it more as a precaution than anything else but am i not correct i saying chlorine is altered when coming onto contact with saltwater and becomes neutralised anyway???

anyway logic says to me that even if the aquasafe did neutralise the relevant heavy metals to what extent are the now newly formed chemicals (due to the neutrelization if they are in fact that not just converted into others we know less about) harmful to a marine system?

am i making any sence???

in short RO is the way to go... i was stubborn to purchase a unit but am ever so happy i did.....

take the plunge....
I know Oregon Reef was lost due to a dechlorinator being added that had past its use by date and had gone 'off'' and the tank was wiped out. I just dont see how the stuff works because surely what ever happens to the heavy netal it is still in the water you are pouring into your system. Does it not neutralise CA at all?
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