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Test Kits

15 Jun 2007
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Kuilsriver - Western Cape
Hey Sponsors,

Does anyone have a universal test kit? Maybe something that can test for all the major water params, ie. PO4, NO3, PH, etc.

I'd like to get some kits, I don't know about those little colour coded stick test the LFS uses, so what is out there?

Currently I'm still taking samples into LFS, but they only test for NO3, so I actually only test when tank doesn't seem fine, which was ages ago - but you never know...;)
reaper i dnt mind getting for u , eft cash in my account + shipping costs and ill buy and send to u !!!
ok spoke to sean now , the price of the all in one test kit is R660 and it does , ph , alk . nitrate , nitrite , ammonia , ammoniom
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