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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Placing a saltwater tank near a window means you’ll have algae outbreaks.

    The rest of the story: Old wife’s tale, Terrible Advice Tuesdays. Terrible Advice Tuesdays, meet old wife’s tale. As explained in the algae guide, if you have an algae problem, you have a nutrient problem. Adding light to the equation, no matter what the light source, gives algae nearly all it needs to start growing.

    If you have an algae problem, don’t blame your window, blame the nutrients.

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    well said my tank have 5hours direct sun and are supl with mh, and my phosphate is now 0.15 and NO3 is 2
    but i dont have algae, and people ask why, easy no toc, no algae. and the corals is happy

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