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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): Any saltwater tank made of glass will fail within 3 years due to the drying out of the silicone seals.

    The rest of the story: The idea of all glass tanks failing within 3 years is absurd. First, the silicone is constantly submerged in water, which leaves me wondering how it can dry out. Perhaps the person giving this bad advice was suggesting that there is some kind of chemical reaction between the saltwater and the silicone that ages the silicone prematurely. Even if this was the case, then aquarium makers would have switched to a different sealing compound years ago.

    Second, if glass tanks fail within 3 years, then no glass tank maker would be in business as explained by a professional aquarium builder:

    “If the idea that saltwater immediately starts drying out silicone was true, then the amount of failures of these tanks would be astronomical and any tank maker would be out of business. I’ve personally witnessed several old Oceanic tanks that I built 15-20 years ago still going strong today.”

    - Jerry Acuff, Planet Aquariums, 20 year veteran of building saltwater tanks

    If you have a glass tank, don’t worry about your tank failing within 3 years. Do keep an eye out for the silicone getting worn off by algae scrapers or your unsteady hand if you are scraping your glass with a metal blade.

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