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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: High temps kill ich. (Suggested in the context of cranking up a tank’s temp to kill the disease)

    The rest of the story: To some extend, this advice is true. If you get your tank hot enough, ich will die. Never mind the fact that to get your tank that hot, your fish and coral will very, very likely be dead long before you reach that point! Note: I could not find a specific temperature at which ich has been scientifically proven to die. I’m confident that it is above the ~90F (32C) temperature that most saltwater fish in your tank will tolerate.

    Part of a proven ich treatment plan is to elevate the hospital/quarantine tank’s temperature to 80F (27C) to speed the disease through its lifecycle. All that you are doing is speeding up the lifecycle of the disease though. Without proper treatment, the disease will continue to live and thrive.

    Tolerable elevated temps help a proper ich treatment plan, but simply cranking up your tank’s temperature in hopes of killing the disease will keeping your fish and corals alive won’t work.

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