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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Tying your dog to your tank works great because the tank weighs so much.

    The rest of the story:*Before you write this post off because you think I made it up, I didn’t. A client of mine told me he uses one of the legs of the stand for his tank as a hitching post for his dog. After briefly explaining to him why this was a bad idea, he stopped doing it and agreed to let me write this post.

    Let’s put this into perspective first. If your dog Fluffy weighs under 10 lbs and your tank is over 100g, and your stand is well built, Fluffy likely isn’t going to pull over your tank. If you had a pico tank, Fluffy could pull the tank over.

    If your 120 lb Bullmastiff named Butch is tied to your tank’s stand, it won’t take much for Butch to pull over your tank. Especially if you have Butch tied to one of the vertical legs on your steel aquarium stand.

    Regardless of your dog’s weight or the quality of your tank’s stand, aquariums on a stand are top heavy. Applying a lateral force on a stand that is not only top heavy, but also designed to deal with compressive forces isn’t a good idea.

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