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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Filter socks rob refugiums of the nutrients they need to grow.

    The rest of the story:*Refugiums are a place where algae can grow outside of your display tank. We know algae needs light, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphates to grow. If you placed your filter socks over your refugium light source, then yes, no light would reach your refugium and the algae wouldn’t grow. Filter socks are placed in the sump, not over a refugium light source so that part of this terrible advice can be thrown out.

    Carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N)* and phosphates (PO4) are simple compounds or elements that are much, much, much smaller than even a 1 micron filter socks. Any CO2, N or PO4 in your water column will pass right through a filter sock with ease and feed your refugium.

    Should you worry about your refugium not getting the nutrients it needs because you are running filter socks? Clearly not.

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