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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Need to make saltwater for your tank? Just use enough table salt and you’re good to go.

    The rest of the story: While table salt would get your specific gravity to 1.025, that’s all it would do, leaving out a BUNCH of important items like pH, alkalinity, magnesium, calcium, etc. Even if you had a FOWLR tank, the water would still need to have its pH adjusted at the bare minimum.

    Also, some table salts are iodized which means they have high amounts of iodine in them. These high amounts of iodine can kill livestock in your tank.

    Table salt alone won’t get the job done for making saltwater for your tank. Stick to a salt mix designed for saltwater aquariums.

    Note: There was, and maybe still is, a salt mix that contains no salt, but all the other additives an aquarium salt mix needs. The idea was that you could buy any NaCl locally, saving yourself money by not having to ship the main component of salt mixes – the salt (NaCl) itself.

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