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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): You can expect a tang to get ich (cryptocaryon irritans).

    The rest of the story: Expecting a fish to get a disease is the equivalent of saying, “Nothing I can do, it is going to happen anyways”, and sitting around waiting for the disease to show up. What a horrible idea.

    I certainly won’t deny that tangs are more prone to ich than other types of fish. And just because a fish is prone to a disease, that doesn’t mean you should expect your fish to get a disease.

    Why? There’s a couple of reasons:

    1. If a fish doesn’t have a disease, and isn’t exposed to a disease, then the disease can’t show up out of thin air. An ich-free tang that is kept in an ich-free system can’t suddenly come down with ich.
    2. Diseases, and certainly ich, can be prevented with correct quarantine procedures. Ich can be prevented and shouldn’t be expected.
    Finally, if you really expect tangs to get ich, then you’d be crazy not to quarantine them and strongly consider prophylactic treating them as well. (Note: As explained in my quarantine guide, I’m not a proponents of putting a fish threw a cocktail of medications in an attempt to prophylactic treat against every disease.)

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