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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): The use of an under gravel filter will prevent the spread of ich in a saltwater tank.

    The rest of the story:*This advice should die like the use of under gravel filters did!

    Some background on under gravel filters first.

    Under gravel filters work by placing a plate with small slits underneath a bed of gravel or crushed coral. Water is pulled through the gravel, into the plate then up through a series of tubes and returned at the top of the tank by a powerhead sitting on top of the tubes. Note that larger grain sizes of gravel or sand is needed with an under gravel filter. Modern-day finer grain sands would not work as the sand would get pulled through the filter and blown all over your tank.

    The idea behind this terrible advice is that the ich theronts (quarantine guide owners, see page 66 for a full explanation of ich and theronts)*will get pulled into the under gravel filter and not have a chance to attack your fish.

    Considering the average size of an ich theront is 25 x60 micrometers (1 micrometer equals .000039 inches or 1/1,000,000 of a*metre),*any theront will easily slip through the spaces between the gravel grains. Once the theront is through the grains, it gets an express ride up to the top of your tank and pushed right into the swimming area of the fish! Will some theronts get stuck in the gravel grains? Yes, and plenty will get through.

    Additionally, not all the theronts will get stuck in the under gravel filter. It is very likely that most of them won’t even get close to the filter so they will have no chance of getting trapped.

    If you are looking for ich prevention, quarantine all incoming fish for at least 30 days in a properly setup quarantine tank. Disclaimer: Is quarantining your fish 100% effective at preventing ich? No. Ich can live on fish and the fish never show any signs of the disease. Quarantining is much more effective that letting fish fight it off naturally (more bad advice) or using an under gravel filter. Oh, and sell that under gravel filter on craigslist or ebay as a collector’s item and use the money to fund your quarantine tank.

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