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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: The first step in acclimating new coral to your tank is to put them towards the top of your tank so that they get used to the pressure.

    The rest of the story:*Wait…wait…I have to wipe my monitor screen down because I just spit sweet tea all over it from laughing so hard.

    I’ll make this really easy: The pressure in your tank is virtually non-existent or*negligible at best so you don’t have to worry about acclimating corals to this pressure. (I’m referring to the pressure of the water pressing down on the corals)

    Even if you wanted to worry about pressure, most corals in your tank are collected in water much deeper than 18-36″ which is the depth of nearly all saltwater tanks. Therefore, your tank’s pressure is much lower than what they are used to. And, there is no way to pressurize your tank such that you take the corals back to the pressure they are used to, then acclimate them back to your tank’s lower pressure.

    Don’t worry about pressure acclimation for your corals, it’s a complete waste of time.

    (Thanks to Shannon for passing this one on to me.)

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