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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: There is no need to glue PVC pipe and fittings. Just push the pieces together enough for them not to leak.

    The rest of the story: On one level, this fact is true. You could probably cram two pieces of PVC together enough that they won’t leak. Getting to that point will likely require more effort than you can exert with your hands, especially considering the tight places underneath your tank.

    Since there would be no glue holding the pieces together, if you bumped or rotated the pieces, then they could start leaking again. Sounds like fun huh?

    Glue your PVC pieces. It takes very little time and when done correctly, the connections won’t leak even if you bump your plumbing.

    Note: Some people have reported using silicone in place of PVC glue so that they can easily disassemble their plumbing. While I prefer PVC glue for a cleaner, more permanent solution, I can see how using silicone could work.

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