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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Gracilaria (a type of macro algae) is a great thing to feed puffer fish to help wear down their teeth.

    The rest of the story: Oh boy. Someone really screwed up their food groups.

    First, most puffers exclusively eat meat, so the idea that algae will be readily accepted by them is a bad one.

    Second, algae isn’t tough so it won’t do anything to wear down the puffer’s teeth.

    Third, puffer’s teeth can mostly be kept in check by feeding them tough shelled inverts. However, if the puffer’s teeth get too long, the fish can be anesthetized and the teeth filed down. NOTE: Call a vet if you think your puffer needs its teeth filed down. Even though you’re billy bad-ass, and you’re read everything on the internet, let the vet do the anesthetizing.

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