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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: A (local fish) store *or pre-manufactured durso standpipe is more efficient than one made by you.

    The rest of the story:*Really?! Let me guess who started that idea.

    Every “store made” or pre-manufactured durso standpipe I’ve ever seen is made from the exact same PVC pieces that you would buy at any hardware store. *Furthermore, they are put together in exactly the same way. To make matters worse, a lot of the store made dursos have some bad design elements like step down pieces before the bulkhead and standpipes that are glued into the bulkhead. Therefore, I’d give preference to a properly*made “hobbyist”*durso.

    For the hair splitters out there, perhaps a store made durso has pieces that are pushed together more so there is slightly (big emphasis on slightly) less turbulence through the pipe. *What effect does this*infinitesimally small reduction of turbulence have on your tank? NONE.

    Build your own dursos and your tank will be fine.

    (For those of you with the No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up A Saltwater Tank, Vol 1, watch the “Durso” video to see how I build my dursos and the trick that keeps them completely silent).

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