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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: A 55 gallon (208 L) tank isn’t big enough for corals.

    The rest of the story: Every time I re-read this advice, I’m speechless. The idea that corals need a big tank to grow, let alone survive, is insane.

    Corals don’t have an inch-per-gallon rule like fish. And if you have a pico tank, then corals are best livestock for it. You could argue that in a small tank, there is the danger of aggressive corals touching one another and killing each other, and this same danger exists in a big tank if the corals are placed in close proximity to each other.

    There is also the argument that a larger tank is more stable, therefore corals will be more likely to thrive in a big tank. And this terrible advice is suggesting that there is a minimum water volume needed for corals to survive which isn’t true.

    If someone gives you the advice that you need a big tank for corals to live, RUN!

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