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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: LEDs won’t grow corals.

    The rest of the story: I can’t believe I’m still hearing this idea passed around especially considering mounting evidence of LEDs successfully growing coral. I can personally say I’ve got clients growing corals (even hard corals) under several different name-brand and D.I.Y. LED fixtures. Since 2011, I’ve had only LED fixtures over my tanks with good results. Jump on any forum and you’ll find plenty of threads of corals growing, and growing well under LEDs.

    For those of you liking more concrete evidence, scientific experiments have been done to test for corals growing under LEDs with good results.

    Of course, any topic, if you go looking hard enough for the evidence you are after – in this case corals not growing under LEDs- you’ll find it. Remember that the outliers on a bell curve are just that – outliers. They should not be used to make a decision where there is plenty of contradictory data.

    Are LEDs still a relatively new lighting type for saltwater tank? Absolutely. There is still lots to learn about LEDs and their application in a saltwater tank. Contrast this with older lighting types such as T5 and metal halide where we’ve had 20+ years to test, tweak and perfect the lighting type for our tanks.

    LEDs are a suitable option for lighting your saltwater tank and the future is only looking brighter for them. Don’t let the few people who have had bad experiences cloud your vision.

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