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    When working in your saltwater tank, it is important to wear a grounding strap to prevent yourself from getting shocked by any electrical equipment.

    The rest of the story: Wow! Apparently there is high voltage running through your saltwater tank at all times just waiting to shock you! Where is the warning signs for your tank?!

    Here’s why this is terrible advice:

    Even if you did wear a grounding strap, then you’d still get shocked as the grounding strap would help complete the circuit between the source of the electricity and the ground. The current would flow from the source, through you, then to the grounding strap to the ground. It wouldn’t prevent you from getting shocked at all.

    Also, if there was enough electrical current flowing through your tank to shock you, I’d rather you get shocked (keep in mind the shock would likely be slight) so you can fix the problem!

    Finally, the use of a GFCI protected outlet is always a good idea around water and electrical equipment.

    Forget the grounding won’t do any good.

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