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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Flaked fish food will cause algae problems in your tank.

    The rest of the story:*Poor flaked fish food. What a unwarranted bad reputation.

    Here’s the facts:*Any fish food*can*cause algae problems in your tank. However, the moment flaked food enters your tank, your tank isn’t doomed for an algae outbreak.

    Therefore, don’t ditch that flaked food. Instead, only feed enough that your fish will eat quickly (before any hits the sand bed). I also recommend holding the flaked food under the surface of the water so that it stays submerged as some fish won’t eat food off the surface of the water. For example, my clownfish, firefish, anthias, and gobies won’t touch food that isn’t submerged.

    Note that I’m NOT saying that fish food WILL cause algae problems. The misuse of any fish food can lead to algae popping up in your tank, not just flaked food.

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