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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A. Tues): Your high nitrate (NO3) levels are due to the changing of your lighting to LEDs.

    The rest of the story: (We interrupt this post due to technical difficulties. Mr. Saltwater Tank has spit sweet tea all over his computer due to this*ridiculous idea)

    At their most basic level, nitrates are caused by things (fish waste, dead organisms, excess fish food, etc) breaking down. Changing your lighting (even to LEDs) doesn’t cause things to break down. Hopefully the new lighting is causing thing to grow.

    You could argue that if you changed your lighting then it could cause corals to die, which could lead to organisms breaking down. However, you’d have to a have a tank that was fully grown out with massive amounts of corals and they’d all have to die at once for them to cause a nitrate spike. Even if all these corals did die at once, I still wouldn’t expect to see a nitrate spike. Maybe a slight nitrate rise but not a spike.*In other words, highly unlikely.

    I’m adding this terrible advice to my top 10 list of terrible advice Tuesdays. It is truly laughable.

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