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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: If an anemone hides behind/in/underneath a rock, remove the anemone and put it somewhere back in the light.

    The Rest of the Story: Anemones have any number of reasons for placing themselves where they do. Some hide due to stress, others hide when they are about to divide. Others place themselves what seems to be horrible places, when in reality they are just checking out a new position in your tank. They might like the “horrible” place just fine even if you don’t!

    If your anemone is hiding in the dark, don’t remove it and place it somewhere else. Let it decide on its own where it wants to be, and then leave it alone. Remove the anemone could cause it undue stress or worse, damage it.

    The exception to the rule is long tentacle anemones (Macrodactyla doreensis). These anemones aren’t mobile like other anemones. Long Tentacle anemones rely on currents to move them around your tank. Therefore, if your long tentacle anemone gets stuck in a dark place, leave it there for 3-4 days to see if it buries its foot in the sand. If it doesn’t attach itself in the sand, move it to a higher light place where your rock work and sand meet.

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