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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Fish need to be fed everyday or else they’ll die.

    The rest of the story:*Let me be really clear on 2 things first:

    1. The purpose of this post is not to advocate you feeding your fish as little as possible.
    2. The below advice is for healthy fish only. If your fish is sick or underweight, only follow the advice at the very end of this post.
    Since we’re straight on those facts…

    If you don’t feed your fish for a day, they aren’t going to instantly going to sink to the bottom of your tank and die. This fact is especially true if your fish are healthy and well-fed like mine. Furthermore, not feeding your healthy fish for 24 hrs isn’t going to put them in a weakened state that makes them susceptible to diseases.

    Even certain high-metabolism fish like anthias will also be fine if you occasionally*skip a daily feeding.

    Skipping a daily feeding is*not*going to ruin your fish!

    Sick fish advice:*If you treating a sick fish, or you have a fish that is underweight,*don’t skip the feeding. The fish needs all the food it can get and you don’t want to skip a day especially if you are medicating the fish’s food.

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