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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: If you don’t use sand in your saltwater tank, your fish will never get ich.

    The rest of the story: There’s a bit of grey area on this one. Part of ich’s life cycle takes place off the fish. In this phase, ich is known as a “tomont” and spends its time reproducing while attached to a solid surface like sand. However, it can attach to any solid surface including rocks or even the sides of your tank.

    Therefore, not keeping*sand in your tank will reduce the areas ich tomonts can attach. *No sand = less surface area = less places for tomonts to attach.*However, relying on the absence of sand to prevent ich is a terrible idea as there are still plenty of great places for ich tomonts to attach and to prepare for the next stage in their life cycle.
    Bottom line: Run sand if you like it and QT all incoming fish for at least 30 days to help prevent the spread of diseases like ich.

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