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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): 3 days of darkness will harm your corals

    The rest of the story: 3 days of darkness is a method used to control nuisance algae. The idea behind it is simple: without light, algae dies. Also simple is how you perform 3 days of darkness: just turn your lights off for 3 days.

    Once you turn the lights back on, you’ll be amazed to find that your corals are perfectly fine! Think about it: out on the reefs in the ocean is it a perfectly sunny day 365 days a year?

    No. There are plenty of days when the sun doesn’t shine and sometimes doesn’t shine for days on end. Your corals can handle the 3 days of darkness no sweat. Of course if you have a coral that is dying then the 3 days of darkness might do it in and if it doesn’t survive 3 days of darkness, it probably wasn’t going to make it anyway.

    And as a precaution I recommend you ramp up your photoperiod once you turn your lights back on. Probably not needed and it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

    Finally, if you are relying solely on 3 days of darkness to fix your algae problem, here’s some bad news for you: the algae is going to come back sooner or later because you haven’t fixed the underlying issue on why you have an algae problem. 3 days of darkness can be part of the solution for fixing an algae outbreak, but it is not a lasting solution.

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