RSS Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Scraping Your Tank’s Glass? Your Fish Are Doomed!

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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: A slime coat enhancing product should be added before you scrape your tank’s glass. This will help prevent the fish from getting sick from the stress of the algae scraper or razor blade.

    The rest of the story: I think an alien from outer space made this one up and passed it onto a human being during an alien abduction! Fish might get startled or scared from you scraping your tank’s glass. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll get sick from it, or that you need to add slime coat enhancing products just because you are scraping down your tank.

    If your fish get scared, they’ll go hide until you are done scraping. Some of my fish follow the algae scraper around and eat whatever flies off!

    Forget the slime coat enhancing product when you scrape the glass. Just scrape and move on with life!

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