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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: The pH of your top off water needs to match the pH of your tank to prevent pH swings.

    The rest of the story: There are lots of things to pay attention to on your saltwater tank, and matching up the pH of your top off water to your tank isn’t one of them. Here’s why:

    1) I don’t concern myself with hitting the 8.3 pH that so many people say is necessary to have a saltwater tank. I also don’t really care what the pH of a tank is as long as it is between 7.7 and 8.5. Here’s why

    2) The amount of water added when your top off pump runs isn’t much and it certainly isn’t much to cause drastic pH swings. In fact, if you are topping off with just RODI water, then you’ll very likely won’t see a pH change at all. The exception here is if you’ve added kalkwasser to your top off water. In this case, the pH of your tank can change a lot and as I’ve said before, as long as the pH rise per top off event isn’t over .03, you’ll be fine.

    Also, if you are using kalk in your top off water, then trying to match the pH of kalk-laden water to your tank is a total waste of time as kalkwasser has a very high pH. Trying to bring the pH down could lessen the effects of the kalkwasser.

    Forget about matching up the pH of your top off water and spend more time staring at your tank!

    Thanks Shannon for passing this one along.

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