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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): There is no need to quarantine your fish because ich is in your tap water.

    The rest of the story: Look out! Not only will tap water make you pregnant, it’s going to give your fish a parasite too! AAAAHHHH!!!

    Clearly the clerk at the local fish store who dispensed this advice has zero clue about ich. Ich is a saltwater parasite. Put it in freshwater for a couple of minutes and it dies. In fact, one way to help relieve fish of some of the discomfort caused by ich to is give them a properly performed freshwater bath. (Warning: freshwater baths can be lethal if you don’t do them correctly. Full details on how to do them can be found in my quarantine guide).

    Therefore, if ich dies in freshwater, it can’t possibly survive in tap water. It especially can’t survive long enough to make it through all the sanitation steps found in wastewater treatment plants, then hang out long enough in freshwater to reach your house to infect your fish.

    Thanks Tim for passing this one on.

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