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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: If you’re not sure if your floor will hold the weight of your tank, setup your tank first then see if the floor sags. If it does, then you’ll know how much to support the floor.

    The rest of the story: There are two big problems (and countless others) wrong with this advice.

    The first big problem is what if the floor fails once you setup your tank? Then you’ve got a huge mess on your hands, a really expensive repair job and hopefully along the way no one (or fish) got injured or killed.

    The second big problem is that any support for the floor needs to be applied before the load (i.e. your tank) is placed on the floor. Ideally the support would be put in place before even the empty tank and stand is set in place.

    When in doubt about if your floor will support the tank, call a structural engineer and have them give you a professional opinion. Waiting until there is a problem is the wrong approach.

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