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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Air bubbles can annoy and kill coral as well as stress out your fish.

    The rest of the story: If you set up an air stone directly underneath a coral and left it there, that could annoy a coral and maybe kill it in the long run. That’s an extreme example though and why you would ever do such a thing is beyond me.

    Will some random air bubbles floating around your tank annoy or kill your corals and fish? I highly, highly doubt it. I would have put them in my fish disease and quarantine guide if they were a real threat to your fish. Keep in mind some corals and fish live in the rip zone where there are crashing waves and lots of air bubbles. Some corals are even fully exposed to air during low tide.

    The exception here is sponges as sponges can be killed by air bubbles getting trapped in their bodies. However, if you continually had enough air bubbles in your tank to kill a sponge, you’d likely fix the problem long before the sponge died due to the horrible look of a tank full of bubbles.

    From an aesthetic standpoint, yes bubbles are annoying. From a fish or coral death standpoint, not something to lose sleep over.

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