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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: To ensure your bulkheads don’t leak, glue them to your tank with PVC cement.

    The rest of the story: I about fell out of my chair (again) when I heard this one. A couple of things here:

    #1: A bulkhead will form a good seal and not leak when installed correctly. No glue is needed.

    #2: If you glued your bulkhead to your tank, and you ever wanted to remove it, good luck. It would be a royal PITA especially considering how tight of a space you’d be working in.

    Whenever I encounter a leaky bulkhead, I first make sure the o-ring is on the inside of the tank, then I make sure the area where the o-ring meets the tank is clean. Then I tighten the bulkhead hand tight, grab a wrench and give it 1/4 extra turn.

    Please don’t glue your bulkheads. You’ll hate yourself for it later, I promise.

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