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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: When you move a saltwater tank, you have to wait several months for the new sand bed to leach out all the calcium and magnesium it contains or else you’ll kill your corals.

    The rest of the story: Oh man. This is bad news if you are dosing calcium or magnesium in your tank because calcium and magnesium obviously kill corals!

    This advice is ludicrous on many levels. I’ll break it down for you:

    First, sand doesn’t break apart when it gets put in a saltwater tank. In fact, to get sand to dissolve into saltwater, you will have to drop your pH to a very low level (pH 6.5-6.7) like in a calcium reactor. The 7.7-8.5 pH range of saltwater tanks won’t do anything to do your sand bed.

    Second, calcium and magnesium aren’t harmful to corals. Think about it, what are hard corals made up of…calcium! And lots of saltwater hobbyists including myself dose magnesium into their tanks. If these elements killed corals, we would have stopped dosing them a long time ago.

    Yes, very high calcium and magnesium could harm corals. Simply putting in new sand into your recently moved saltwater tank isn’t going to throw your calcium and magnesium levels out of whack so don’t worry.

    Bonus tip: As I recommend in my Moving and Upgrading a Saltwater Tank guide, I recommend you replace your whole sand bed when you move or upgrade a tank. The amount of junk in your sand bed can cause nitrate and phosphate issues when it gets stirred up during the moving process. The price of new sand is much less compared to the headache of long term nitrate and phosphate issues.

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