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    Terrible Advice Tuesdays: If you want your tank to be successful long term, you can’t feed your fish more than once a week.

    The Rest Of The Story: Well then, that settles it. For 99% of you, your tank is doomed as I’m sure nearly all of you feed your fish more than once a week.

    Advice like this makes me scratch my head as I try to understand the logic behind it. If feeding your fish polluted your tank so much that your tank could only handle a once-a-week feeding, you’d either have a tank with really poor filtration or you are over feeding by a BIG margin.

    A properly setup saltwater tank with good filtration that is exporting nutrients can easily handle fish being fed more than once a week. Please, feed your fish more than once a week. Your tank will be fine.

    Special thanks to Stephen F who was told this advice by his local fish store.

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