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8 May 2007
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Shipping livestock has its challenges as the goal of maintaining a consistent temperature no matter the season. tempmate is making it easier for anyone shipping temperature-sensitive products to track and monitor temperature along the entire supply chain with a disposable temperature logger with a built-in USB reader to generate a complete report.

For breeders, coral vendors and wholesalers of aquatic livestock, having a high-tech solution to take the guesswork out of wondering if temperatures stayed within norms during the entire shipping process is a valuable ally. The single use tempMate S1 feature an integrated USB port and are supplied pre-configured according the customer’s settings and will automatically generate a comprehensive PDF report after being connected to a computer. The size of a credit card and IP67 rated, these compact cards will fit into any packaging, without adding more weight or taking up too much space.

You can imagine if a customer has an issue with a delivery, the automatic PDF report will provide valuable information to determine when and where things went wrong. There are also LED alarm and status indicators to let you immediately know if there was a problem maintaining the correct temperature when you open the container.

We can see where these are an additional value-add for shippers to give their customers better peace of mind as well as being able to modify shipping protocols based on in-depth reporting provided. The pricing can vary depending on how many units you buy, but we found the average price to be around $13-15 USD and lower for larger quantities.

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