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8 May 2007
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The AI Prime LED is just a little bigger than the size of a hockey puck and produces incredible power for the size. Measuring at 4.88” (12.4cm) x 4.88” (12.4cm) and only 1.34” (34cm) high the prime unit will give your tank a nice dosing of LED light.

When most people see a teeny tiny LED light, their first thought is probably of nano reef aquarium applications, but the AI Prime LED is one action packed little light. The AI Prime LED has 13 LEDs, a prime number of diodes with all the major colors you’d expect to see from a quality LED light from Aqua Illumination.

All of these colors are tunable through six channels of control to finely adjust the spectrum that the AI Prime puts out, but the real magic is in how it is controlled. The AI Prime LED skips the need for any kind of secondary control devices and connects over wi-fi directly to your phone via iOS and Android apps for smartphones.

The AI Prime makes one awesome accent LED Light, and looks incredible on it’s own, and over a reef tank. Or maybe you already a few primes and you can make your own DIY AI Prime array over your reef tank. Whatever it is you wont want to miss out on the chance to WIN this amazing little light.

In an effort to fine tune our writing and stories in the future, we are using this giveaway as an incentive for you to tell us your favorite Reef Builders story. It doesn’t have to be your ‘all time’ favorite, but telling us a representative post of the kind of stories you like will help encourage us to write more like it.

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