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Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions and Feedback' started by viper357, 25 May 2016.

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    To all Tapatalk users. :)

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would please disable your signatures on Tapatalk. With so many of you using Tapatalk it can be very distracting seeing the "Sent from xxxx" in so many posts.

    Unfortunately the Tapatalk company have recently changed their policy and are now forcing forum owners to pay $10 a month in order to have the function of disabling the signature on the forum. So we would like to appeal to you to please disable it on your devices.

    To disable your signature in the Tapatalk App:

    Tap the Me icon (bottom right)
    Tap Settings
    Scroll down and tap on Signature
    Select None.

    Thank you. :)
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