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    When someone first gets tarted with reef aquarium keeping, one of the first things we like to tell them is to*not read anything that is written online. Not because there’s bad information here on the interwebz, but because there’s so much information and a low signal to noise ratio that it is really hard for beginners to make sense of what information they should really pay attention to.

    For all of those reasons, we love Tanne Hoff’s new book,*”The Practical Guide for the Reef Aquarium”, which is a concise handbook for reef building which is very rich in idea density. Despite having only 56 small pages, Practical Guide for the Reef Aquarium covers every aspect of reef aquarium design, set up and maintenance using tried and true methods and experience.

    Rather than trying to cover everything under the sun, Hoff’s new reef aquarium handbook sticks to the basics, with the Berlin Reef method as the foundation for successful reef aquarium keeping. Practical Guide includes some very useful sections on various soft corals, stony corals, fish and pests while only touching upon ancillary reef aquarium devices like UV sterilizers and biopellets.

    If *she hadn’t already been reefing for almost twenty years, Tanne Hoff’s book is the guide I would want my mother to read to take her from newbie reefer to intermediate reef aquarist. Practical Guide for the Reef Aquarium is still in limited*pre-publication but once a big printing of this book is produced and distributed, we feel really good about this reef aquarium handbook being the new mini-reference for a new generation of reef aquarium hobbyists. []

    Disclaimer:*Tanne Hoff is a very talented, practicing reef aquarist which is why he has been a long time contributor to Reef Builders.*

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