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    Tanne Hoff is a veteran reefer from Holland who’s reef displays have been an inspiration for a decade. Tanne actually made the video of Pieter 6 Meter’s Reef Tank and he’s just uploaded a fresh video of his own reef tank. After such a long history of reefkeeping, we would expect nothing less than for Tanu to have some exquisite specimens of corals, fish and invertebrates.

    You gotta love the stunning blue squamosa clam resting in the center of the foreground sandbed and the fish population isn’t too shabby either. We spotted a gem tang, a juvenile blueline angelfish, a candy basslet, a gorgeous Indian Ocean regal angelfish and a multibar angelfish. We’re also loving the look of the left side of Tanne’s reef tank, where all the corals have great coloration and they’ve grown into a nice heterogeneous mix of coral bommie.

    You didn’t think we’d go more than a couple days without posting a full reef tank video, did you? Help us keep up this streak of full tank videos by tipping us off using the contact form. Show us what you got.
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