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26 Jun 2007
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Victory Park, JHB
Was just wondering about tanks cycling. seeing as im about to get my tank running was thinking of the various ways u can cycle a tank. sothought would check it out and also hav this as bit a reference for all the newbies starting up there first taks. so many times i we people starting up tanks an with in 3 days they stocked the tank with about ten fish and then wonder y after a day they all floating.

I know there are a number of ways to cycle a tank.so my question is this, what are the different ways of cycling a tank and what are the prss or cons if any to each type.
i know of one way:
just leave it with LR and sand and let it be and monitor the levels and once things hav settled then the tank has cycled. normally a fairly long process of time tho.

I hav heard of adding a certain product to the water to help aid it, but no idea what it is or how it works. aslo, heard of the thing when chucking ina dead prawn.

what you think and what your ideas or comments.
there are ways of speeding the cycle.lets see what others gotta say.....
I used live rock, live sand for tank and Live sand and aragonite for my DSB, cycled pretty quick. certainly helped in my opinion doing this.

Yeah heard of dead prawn, even peeing in the tank to get the ammonia levels up to start the cycle, but I have no experiance with any of these.
Seachem have a product called Stability - they claim you can add fish after a day or two - anyone used it before?
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